CAMP 2016 Saturday 6th August to Sunday 14th august

Welcome to our new website designed by Cathy. We hope you like it. You can still let me know through the website and we will also be adding many new photographs during the next few months. As usual Camp will start on the first Saturday in August which this year is the 6th. So the dates are 6th to 14th August 2016. Also as usual this does depend on Donald inviting us back again! I will be writing to him a little later in the year. Assuming that he does, then this will be the 51st year of Dipper Camp and the fourth generation since its inception. It seems like only yesterday that we set out from Warwickshire as children, with Elspeth and Ali, a large canvas green tent with wooden poles, a small frying pan and a lot of excitement. The excitement is still there, although the tents have changed, and the frying pan is larger. More details to follow nearer the time.

Love from Camp Boss!