CAMP 2017 Saturday 5th August to Sunday 13th august

Welcome to our new(ish) website designed by Cathy. We hope you like it. You can still 'book in' through the website . 

This year (incredibly 2017) Camp will run from Saturday 5th August to Sunday 13th August. That is, if I get on and start actually doing something about it. We are expected so at least that’s something. As some of you will know, Ali and Mike are getting married on 22nd July and Dee (John’s mum now 91) will be staying with us until the day before Camp begins. So it would be REALLY helpful if you could all book in ASAP, booking form and rota as usual.

WALK VOLUNTEERS: Also John and I feel that some of you might like to take a turn at organising and running one (or more) of the walks as we may not do them all this year. This is how you do it: (1) Pick a day and a pub; (2) organise at least one car to be dropped there; (3) find out who wants to come; (4) pick your start point; (5) if start is not from Camp, then organise cars to get people to the start; (6) navigate everyone on the walk or persuade someone else to do that bit; (7) work out how to get everyone back to Camp, via start point is necessary. Easy see. PLEASE ADD THIS TO YOUR BOOKING FORM IN “ANYTHING ELSE TO TELL US”. Ask me if not sure.

Thursday will be PARTY EVENING!. Tom (Kew) has already volunteered to organise and is gearing his team up. This is what he says “This year we plan to have a Luau (Hawaiian beach party!). The dress code is Hawaiian and there will be a prize for the best Hawaiian outfit/most garish outfit!!”

See you there!

Love from Camp Boss!