CAMP 2021 Saturday 31st July to Sunday 8th augusT

Dear Dipper Camp followers,

Well it looks like Camp will be going ahead this year, perhaps not full steam, but at least on a slightly modified basis. We should (by then) be free from most official Covid rules, but the beast is still out there and needs to be taken seriously. So there are some earnest Covid-related requests to you all below. But first the basic stuff.

Thank you everyone for letting me know what your plans are – it was very helpful to know who is feeling brave enough to come. Please will you all now confirm your dates, preferably via the web booking form (no need to fill in all the address stuff again). Then make the suggested contribution (see email) direct to the bank – the BANK DETAILS HAVE CHANGED SINCE 2019 and (since this is not a password protected page) I will be emailing the details to you all.

Thursday will again be party evening and this year Tom and his team have decided that the theme is ……… HOLIDAYS WE HAVE ALL MISSED! So dig out your Christmas, Easter, Summer, Skiing etc. wear  so that we can have all our holidays in one go. Please add an extra £2 to your Camp contribution if you plan to be partying (children exempted).


Please either fill in the online cooking/washing up rota when booking or let me know by email. Please volunteer for TWO slots unless you have joined the OLD FARTS brigade in which case one should be enough to remember, let alone do. We also need a total of FOUR volunteers (or joint volunteers) to take on the task of organising the walks for Monday to Thursday (John & Frances will do first Sunday and arrange activities for last Friday). Tom, Frances and John are pre-plotting suggested walks/pubs for you, including alternatives for small and over-active children (and their parents).


When last heard from at the end of May, the Cuckoo was still not calling and a new tenant had not been found. I will let you all know if this changes. But there is GOOD NEWS. Roger (junior), Tom and Mike have instigated an on-Camp real ale, cider and snacks bar, open each evening and served from a dilapidated old campervan (I mean exciting new vehicle)! You will need to BRING YOUR OWN DRINKING TANKARD.


Covid lateral flow test kits are available free from chemists etc. PLEASE TAKE A TEST (adults) on the day you plan to arrive (or the day before). It would be helpful if you would email ALISON ( to confirm a negative test. Obviously don’t come if it’s positive!!

  • Please DO NOT leave ANY Camp plates, glasses, mugs, bottles, cans or anything you have used for any meal around the camp fire, field or kitchen area. Return them to the washing up area (or horror of horrors wash it up) or bins as appropriate.
  • Glasses/tankards for evening drinking: please BYO and keep and wash it up in your tents.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before touching or preparing food ESPECIALLY uncooked shared lunch things like bread and cheese.
  • There will also be hand sanitising stuff at various points – USE THEM.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Love ‘The Boss’  (John says this ought to be “Bossy Old Lady”)