CAMP 2020 Saturday 1st August to Sunday 9th augusT

Yes I know its MONTHS until Camp but several people have already checked with me to see when it will be. Very sensible. Luckily this year we can as usual have the first week in August and this time it will actually start on the very first day of August. Boomtown is the week after, starting 12th August, so the loony ravers can go on after Camp to there.

Later in the year I will give details as usual and twist all your arms for monetary contributions and volunteers for cooking, washing up etc. I will then also give you details of how to contribute because the BANK DETAILS HAVE CHANGED.

Thursday will again hopefully be party evening and this year JOHN (the elder) will be reaching three score years and ten whilst at Camp so definitely a reason to celebrate, dress up in silly clothes and take incriminating photos!

That’s all for now.

Love from Camp Boss