CAMP 2018 Saturday 4th August to Sunday 12th august

Welcome back to the Dipper Camp website. It's now time to 'book in' (and pay your contribution). If anyone has forgotten the log in for the booking page or the details of where to pay in your contribution, then email me directly.

This year Camp will as usual begin on the first Saturday in August and so will run from Saturday 4th August to Sunday 12th August. We have been invited - I left it so late to ask that they asked if we were coming! Do please book in ASAP as I (as usual) seem to have a lot of writing commitments in July and will also have John's mum Dee here for 2 weeks (92 and still going strong).

VOLUNTEERS FOR DUTIES: aS well as booking in, please will you fill in the rota, which this year includes doing the morning shopping as Bron is quite rightly abdicating responsibility for it this year and also think about volunteering to organise and lead a walk.

Thursday will be PARTY EVENING! Tom (Kew) and his team have agreed a theme of PIRATES - which should be a good excuse for drinking a lot of ale, and brandishing your swords (or whatever you feel like brandishing!).

PLASTIC FREE LIVING: We will also be trying to be as single-use plastic-free as possible this year e.g. food andboozeshopping bags, party glasses etc so think about bringing your own bags for that beer/wine supply.

See you there!

Love from Camp Boss!